musgo things.
ux - ui design
Explorations about usability, interfaces, illustration and product design.
Tridimensionality of Skeuomorphism, Flat Design, and Neumorphism
This text explores the characteristics, rationale, and representation resources of three of the most relevant recent UI styles.
Designing micro-interactions with Figma interactive components.
Designing some components states and micro-interactions with the new beta feature of Figma.
mind maps are a great tool for ux planning and research
my personal approach
just a low-res wireframe exercise
what can Guido van Rossum’s blog teaches to designers?
this text is about the things I learned from visiting his webpage
ux-ui & the typography
why ux-ui designers should be typography maestros?
apli website
re-design of company's website.
pagination concept.
image upload
test of an image upload inside a gallery.
dropdown menu
a drop-down menu exploration.
podcasts illustration
digital collage.
interactive button
conceptual design of a button.
nike free
digital illustration and animation of the nike free 5.0
montejo collection.
indoor furniture collection.
digital illustrations.
digital interactive images.