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tanker small locker.

It's a piece of furniture made of steel.

This piece of furniture is part of the collection called tanker. Its name and some of its features refer to a desk that emerged in the 1950s. Like its referent, these pieces are made of steel, a resistant material with a long lifespan.

The objects are designed to be used in homes, home offices, co-working spaces and modern offices. Their material, geometry and function give this furniture an industrial look. This collection tries to take up again a material that has currently reduced its presence in home furniture.

This specific object is a small locker with a door made of steel. It is formed by a tubular base with four legs and a console made from sheet metal. Inside it has a small compartment in the lower part and a larger compartment in the upper part, both of which are divided by a shelf. The door includes a lock to secure stored items. The upper cover has a small perimeter frame. This piece of furniture can complement the desk as it is the same height.

tanker small locker in contexttanker small locker in context

opened and closed dooropened and closed door.

lock detaillock detail.

hinge detailhinge detail.

isometric viewisometric view.

locker reference sizelocker reference size.

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