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Explorations about usability, interfaces, illustration and product design.


about this blog.

Hi, I’m Rodrigo Osornio the author of this blog. I’m a product designer and also a person who likes to read, write, draw, run, and play the guitar. I currently work as a designer for frog.

My background is in visual arts, industrial design, innovation, usability and user-centered design. I am passionate about creating products and how people interact with them. As a ux strategist I think that the solutions may come in different formats, so I’m interested in topics like interfaces, grids, typography, illustration, responsive design, materials, coding, chatbots, AI, business strategy, future, trends, VR, 3D and of course, in humans.

I have worked as a visual designer, as a consultant for Fablabs, in a product design agency and also as a UX designer for startups and other companies.


I see this blog as a mixed format showcase for the stuff I think and create. “Musgo” means moss in spanish, it is a thing that can grow almost in any place, it modifies the space and interacts with other elements, it brings life, it is constantly evolving, expands and eventually vanishes in the nature again. Thinking poetically, the moss is an analogy of the design.

The contents of this blog are a mix of different formats and ideas, because that’s the way ux is. Although at this time the ux is mainly related to visual interfaces, it is starting to get involved in other fields, like audio, bots, VR, physical interfaces, furniture and business strategy, so expect to find those kinds of topics and other stories here.